HAI has announced that they have released a suite of new IP enabled products.  All but the camera server are now shipping. 

Here is a list of everything:  

  • HAI’s OmniTouch 10p (67A00-1) portable Touchscreen has built in Wi-Fi and a 10.4” viewable screen to facilitate control of lights, temperature, security, audio/video, and more.  Two noteworthy features include the ability to browse the Internet and view supported IP surveillance cameras. The Touchscreens ship ready to use with HAI’s new interface design, or can be fully customized.  The units have a built-in stand, and an optional Docking Cradle (67A01-1) is also available.  These products are now shipping.
  • The HAI Automation Studio (1126) design software provides complete Touchscreen customization such as the addition of floor plans and custom images, as well as foreign language support.  It also provides the ability view supported IP cameras and to control TV and entertainment components from an HAI Touchscreen.  This product is now shipping.
  • HAI’s Home Theater Extender (86A00-1) adds IR capability to HAI’s new OmniTouch Portable and upcoming 5.7e Touchscreens with over 300,000 built-in IR codes and a built-in IR receiver to learn additional IR codes.  This allows homeowners to press one button to turn on the A/V components, play a DVD, close window coverings, and set the entire house to desired temperature and lighting levels for an enjoyable entertainment experience. This product is now shipping.
  • The HAI Camera Server (87A00-1) is a newly announced product that converts up to 4 analog surveillance camera signals, including HAI’s Indoor Dome Camera (68A01-1) and Day/Night Bullet Camera (68A02-1), to IP video streams.  Cameras can then be viewed at home or over the Internet on a PC, OmniTouch 10p, or handheld mobile device, such as PDA, Smartphone, or other device running Windows Mobile operating system, using HAI Snap-Link Mobile (1120M) or HAI WL3 (1112).  Additionally, these cameras can be viewed on an iPhone or BlackBerry when HAI WL3 is used.  This product will be shipping by July 2009. 

I am primarily excited about the HAI Camera Server as this might be a cost-effective IP server (vs. Axis 241Q) that will work with Myro:Home!

HAI Launches IP-Based Entertainment Product Suite

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