If you are looking for the “World’s Most Powerful Flashlight” then look no further.  This is no joke, the Torch is  currently being reviewed by The Guinness Book of World Records.  With a retina damaging 4100 lumens of light, the Torch can also melt plastic, light paper on fire within seconds, and even fry an egg (as shown in the video above).

The Torch accomplishes this by using an halogen light bulb running at 100 Watts using a custom build high voltage circuit.  To keep the front lens from shattering due to the immense heat generated, The Torch flashlight is equipped with a specialized heat resistant glass lens and is encased in a durable, military grade aluminum case.

The Torch will set you back $299 and is available now from Wicked Lasers.

DISCLAIMER: You probably won’t want to use this as a flashlight or around kids… plus it only runs for about 10 minutes and is recommended to be used for around 3 minutes with about 2 minutes of “rest” time to let it cool down.

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