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Myro:Bridge – Russound RNET HDMI Switcher Controller (firmware)

Home Automation
February 5, 2011 1 Comment

UPDATE: Now with Octava HDMI Switcher Support!

If you have been waiting for Russound to release a RNET based HDMI switcher to replace the VM1 series look no further! I’ve created a firmware to control Wyrestorm HDMI Matrix Switchers (4×2, 4×4 and 8×8) via Myro:Bridge. The onboard webpage allows you to configure/map the input and outputs of the matrix switcher to the sources and zones of your Russound controller. It’s an elegant system which is future proof and expandable. The Myro:Bridge plugs into the RNET ports and a RS232 cable is connected to the Wyrestorm switcher — it’s that easy! Watch the video for a quick demo on how it works.

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Vanco HDMI Over Coaxial (Coax/CATV) Cable Extender

DIY, Home Automation, Home Theater
August 16, 2010 2 Comments

Distributing HDMI signals in a retrofit situation is often a difficult task since the only real cost effective option is to run cat5e/cat6 to a location and use a Cat5e HDMI Extender.  That solution requires you to fish new cables (some cases 2 cat5e runs) as most homes do not have Cat5e cables in locations where you need a display. Vanco has announced a new HDMI extender that uses a single coaxial cable (this is your typical CATV cable). That’s right! It allows both HDMI Audio/Video signals to be transmitted using one coaxial cable. The transmission range for 1080p resolution is up to 328 ft (100m) over RG-6 coaxial cable (dual and quad-shielded) and up to 164 ft (50m) over RG-59 Coaxial Cable. The transmitter and receiver units can connect to two flat panel displays and up to 45 receiver units can be cascaded from one transmitter to connect to additional flat panel displays. This product is a custom installers dream device and a must for any retrofit project that requires HDMI distribution when only Coax cable is available.

For more information and to locate your nearest distributor please visit Vanco’s website.

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Sencore RadianceXD – Video Processor/Scaler/Switch

Home Theater
April 28, 2009 No Comments

Sencore RadianceXD

If you are a videophile and demand that your display squeezes out every last bit of quality from the source, then you need a Sencore RadianceXD.   This 2u processor not only upscales, processes and is a full HDMI switch but it has a built in CMS (Color Management System) for tweaking the color gamut to be true SMPTE 701 (or other SMPTE standard color space like 601, 709, xvYcc).

The Radiance also features dedicated HDMi receiver on each HDMi input which means that switching to each source is super fast and requires no resyncing.  There are six HDMI inputs and a plethora of other IO.   What is really exciting about this product is the support!  They offer firmware updates almost monthly which constantly makes the RadianceXD better.   

This is definitely a product to add to your home theater rack, especially if you own a D-ILA projector since it can correct the saturated color gamut issues.

For more information, check out Sencore Audio/Video.

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