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Wolf Cinema — Digital Cinema Projector

Home Theater
February 23, 2010 1 Comment

I was flipping through next months (March 2010) Home Theater Magazine and saw the two-page spread on this projector by Wolf Cinema.  Just by looking at it you know this it isn’t just any kind of projector, no, this projector does constant-height projection from 1.85:1 all the way to 2.7:1 (gives you “true widescreen”).  The projector uses a high brightness Xenon lamp which allows it to project onto screens 15′ wide.  All this comes at a hefty price too — starting at $65,000 and go up to $135,000.

– Wolf Cinema

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Niles MS220 – The Best IR Sensor!

DIY, Electronics, Home Automation, Home Theater
January 29, 2010 No Comments

It’s freaking 2010 and we’re still using IR, WTF?  Oh well… if you are looking to find the most reliable IR Sensor to connect to your IR connection block (used in applications where you want to put AV components in a remote area but still have control), I highly recommend the new Niles MS220.   I have used different units by Xantech, Russound, even Niles and the MS220 is the most reliable.   How do I know?  For starters, all the others I have used you needed to choose between CFL/Plasma friendly and not.  You’d get weird noise (the LED on the sensor would flash) from stray “IR” signals.   The MS220 utilizes a “smart” electronic circuit to filter out noise and works with all IR formats.   Check out Niles Audio for more information.

Product Page
Product Specification Sheet [PDF]

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