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Somfy ILT Control via HAI OmniPro II (wiring diagram)

Home Automation
June 11, 2010 2 Comments

HAI recently announced native control for Somfy ILT motors with the 3.4 firmware.  This means you no longer need to use RTS or Z-WAVE to control shades via the OmniPro II controller.    Last night I connected up and tested my friends system (also using Myro) and I’m happy to announce that HAI has hit another home run!  You get “real-time” feedback as well as the ability to set to a specific “light level”, like 50% (which is part way).

I have included a wiring diagram on connecting the HAI to the Somfy RS-485 ILT tap (also known as the Somfy SDN).  Then you just need to get the Motor/Group code and enter that into PC Access.  What I thought would be a difficult process of trial and error actually turned out to work on the first try!

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Somfy ILT Z-Wave Interface works with HAI OmniPro II/Myro

Home Automation
November 6, 2009 7 Comments


A friend of mine is in the process of building a home and requires a lot of outdoor sun shades.  We have been trying to find a cost effective way to control them and get feedback of the position they are in.  There are countless ways to get this kind of feedback but all of them are very costly.  It seems like we’ve found the solution… Somfy has released a Z-WAVE interface which works with their ILT line of motors which give you status feedback and control into the Z-Wave environment and will enable optimized performance through Myro:Home touchscreen panels.  The plug-in design also allows a simple connection to the ILT 2-way communicating motor head and can be setup in less than a minute. As an added bonus, the interface doesn’t require additional external power which keeps the energy footprint low too.

Somfy Systems

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