More and more people are buying flat-panel displays, but what do you do for audio? Sharp Electronics has announced the availabiltiy of a surround sound audio solution that matches the design and quality of these
TVs, the first vertical 1-Bit audio home theater systems that can easily be mounted on a wall or placed on a narrow shelf. Sharp’s patented 1-Bit digital amplification technology is paired with a multi-format progressive scan CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-audio player. These models are designed for audio enthusiasts who
prefer to choose their own speakers, or already own a high-quality surround
sound speaker system. The SD-HX500 and SD-HX600 feature a powerful 100-watt per channel amplifier section and main unit with a unique vertical design that hides the DVD/CD player behind a brushed silver front panel. The vertical orientation of the amplifier section and disc unit means these products are ideal to be placed on a shelf, or wall mounted with the included brackets. The SD-HX600 integrates sophisticated video switching capabilities into the design of the
SD-HX500 by adding an audio/video selector system, which houses the inputs
away from the main unit for a clean, clutter-free appearance. The stylish amplifier and disc units are made of luxurious anodized aluminum and polished, transparent Plexiglas, while blue LEDs illuminate the sleek side controls. What is the 1-Bit stuff? Sharp says that 1-Bit produces flawless, high-resolution sound, enabling the SD-HX500 and SD-HX600 systems to sample audio signals at an ultra-high speed rate of 5.6 MHz or 128 times faster than a CD. The faster sampling rate ensures that the SD-HX600 and SD-HX500 will produce excellent transient response, providing accurate reproduction of fast, percussive sounds and complex multi-instrumental timbres. Sounds Good! (pun intended)