digeo.jpgWOW… Today, Digeo announced a bunch of new products. Starting with ‘Moxi Mate’, a $79 Second-TV Media Center device that enables consumers to enjoy full access to all of their media center features and content (i.e. DVR, VOD, PPV, DVD, music, photos) on a second TV in the home. By deploying the Moxi Mate using existing coaxial cable in the home, cable operators can extend the reach of DVR and digital entertainment services throughout the home at the lowest industry cost. It seems like we will be seeing more of this technology in the coming months. Using the coaxial cable already in your home makes more sense then messing with wireless or CAT5E cabling.

Digeo also announced the availability of Jukebox, Photos, DVD, Games, Ticker and Home Networking for Moxi Media Center providing cable operators with new opportunities to generate revenue and boost loyalty by offering a broader range of digital media and entertainment options to their subscribers. These new Moxi applications run on both the Motorola Broadband Media Center (BMC9000) and the Moxi PowerKEY Media Center.

And with all these additions, you’d think you’d need more space… they thought of that too… with configurations that range from an additional 80 up to 360 GB of storage, Moxi Plus can store over 40 hours of programming at full HD resolution. In addition to providing extra storage for recorded TV content, Moxi Plus provides readers for the most popular digital photography memory card formats, and can be configured with a DVD/CD drive.

I’m glad to see Digeo finally getting there products out there.