I tend to shy away from posting announcements about MAVROMATIC, I’m more interested in talking about cool devices than updates to a site… but I couldn’t resist posting just this one. It has been almost two months since the first post and I’m proud to say that this has been a fun experience for me. I’m still tweaking and refining the site so bare with me at times… Moveable Type is a very powerful publishing system and it takes a bit to get it exactly how you want. You may have also noticed that I sold out to Google ads… yes, if I can earn some cash to defray the server costs, why not? Hopefully, Google is doing a good job with product specific ads so that they are more helpful and worth clicking. I also added a ‘Send to a friend’ link, so if you see a story worth forwarding to a friend, it’s just a click away. Well, that’s it for now… like always, if you have any comments feel free to post or email directly to me. Enjoy.