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I own a 120 hour TiVo and people make fun of me… imagine what kind of ridicule you’ll get for owning a 300 hour TiVo. Humax, in partnership with TiVo, today announced the first TiVo Series2 DVR with 300-hours of recording capacity. That will give you a little over 12 1/2 days of continuous bed sore creating entertainment. Now, keep in mind that that’s 300 hours at the lowest quality… I’d expect about 150 hours or less of high quality encoding. This is perfect for the Seinfeld fan, just create a season pass and you’ll have you’re very own Seinfeld VOD server… leaving over 200 hours for your other “filler” shows! The Humax T2500 TiVo Series2 DVR will cost you $699 and will be available this month.