You guys know I’m a CRT projector guy… but I thought I’d pass on a great review by Thomas Garcia over at Revolution Home Theater on the Marantz VP-12S3 High-Definition DLP Projector. This stunning projector retails for about $13k, so by just judging based on the price, I’d expect it to perform outstanding. If you don’t have time to read the full review, I have included just conclution below…

Marantz VP-12S3 High-Definition DLP Projector
Reviewed by: Thomas Garcia

The Marantz VP-12S3 High-Definition DLP Projector is an outstanding performer in every respect. Its use of the highly sophisticated Texas Instruments HD2+ DMD chip, on-board Faroudja DCDi video processing, and inclusion of the outstanding Minolta optical system places this contender at the pinnacle of single-chip DLP projectors. Aesthetically, the VP-12S3 is quite attractive and Marantz’s attention to finish detail and construction quality make for an exceptionally impressive-looking package. Via its incredibly powerful and flexible calibration capabilities, the projector can be adjusted to integrate into virtually any viewing environment. While doing an outstanding job of displaying standard DVDs, its high-definition performance kept me mesmerized. The VP-12S3 created a true cinematic experience, with an abundance of stunning detail and rich, accurate colors. Incorporating the VP-12S3 into my home theater system elevated its performance to an all-time high, providing immeasurable pleasure and enjoyment. Friends, family and acquaintances were all astounded by the sheer picture quality and overall affect this projector produced. The proverbial “wow” factor was off the charts with the VP-12S3, leaving every individual who viewed it unable to leave while it was playing. The projector is definitely a worthy candidate for any reference home theater video system, and is capable of achieving some of the highest image quality possible. Though it commands a premium price, I consider it a relative bargain for the boundless entertainment and enjoyment the Marantz VP-12S3 High-Definition DLP projector provides.

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