You’ve seen me post a few things Mr. Steven “Lodifizzle” Lodefink has either created or brought to my attention. Now everyone has the privilege of adding Finkbuilt to their very own RSS aggregator. He is a guy that’s always doing something interesting, be it in the garage restoring his 1973 BMW 2002 or doing some crazy art piece… we all can learn a thing or two from Lodifizzle! Anyways, you get my point… add him to your RSS and spread the word!

I noticed he just posted about how he yanked out a circa 1980 after-market cassette radio from his ’73 Beamer and replaced it with an old skool Becker AM/FM radio. You can’t have a 1973 Beamer with a state of the art sound system… it just wouldn’t be right… but like us all… he wanted to enjoy the technologies of today. Check out his post on what he did to get a Becker Europa II Stereo and an Apple iPod working together… now that’s Finkbuilt!

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