UPDATE: Our friends over at Gizmodo wanted to see a few photos of the touch screen in operation… well, here they are! The interface is designed in Flash and communicates with a server I wrote in VB.net. The pocketPC interface I posted a while back is based on this full size interface. I currently have a pocketPC version, a 1024×768 version (for use with this touch screen and a 15″ Viewsonic Airpanel V150) and a 800×600 version (for use with two 10″ Viewsonic Airpanels V110).

Here is what my inwall 15″ LCD touchscreen looks like finished and installed. In this post I have the complete parts list you’ll need to build you very own.

Assumptions: You have an opening ready for a touchscreen, all the required wiring (power, VGA, Cat5e, audio/mic cables, etc) are all in place. You are familiar with wood working, drywall, and electronics (soldering, etc).

The Parts:

3M MicroTouch ChassisTouch LCD Screen. You can also convert a standard LCD screen into a touchscreen and mount that on a frame too.
CanaKit CK122
– A Serial Data Transmitter (which converts serial over cat5e cable). If you computer is located near the screen, you can use a standard 9pin serial cable. I’m over 50′ so I had to use this converter. (See part 1 for more info).
– A pair of Tiny Laptop Speakers (check out Digikey, I used a pair from an old iOpener device)
– A Microphone (Optional)
– Few feet of 4 conductor wire (alarm or telephone wire)
– Soldering Iron
– High Strength CA glue
– Wood and Woodworking tools (for the frame)
– Stain and Wood Finishing supplies (for the frame)
– Patience!

In my first post (DIY: Inwall 15