UPDATE: The touchscreen model I’m using is a 15″ 3M MicroTouch ChassisTouch LCD Monitor.

In Part 1 of the DIY: Inwall 15″ LCD touchscreen, I talked about the parts I’m using. I ended up going with a commercial 15″ touchscreen chassis instead of the NEC display I initially posted about. I didn’t want to mess around with taking apart the NEC monitor and trying to figure out how to mount it. So I bought one that was made specifically for custom installations. For the frame, I ended up using solid Alder and created a profile I wanted using a Delta Unisaw.

I stained the frame a dark merlot to match my front door. I painted the back of the frame a flat black to act as a shadow. If you look at the following photo, you can see how I’m going to mount the frame to the wall.


The “mounts” hang on the “rails” and two small screws on the top and bottom hold it tight to the wall and in place. The area where the touch screen is being mounted has all the nessessary connections (i.e. power, VGA, audio) inside of the wall. I will be posting more photos with the LCD mounted in the frame as soon as the finish dries.