One of the challenges with creating an equipment room or rack mounting your electronics is that heat builds up very quickly. Especially now more than ever, with HTPC’s being added to the racks. Previously, there were heat exhaust solutions but at the expense of making your rack sound like one in a server room — LOUD. Middle Atlantic has created an attrative solution, a quiet, elegant and intelligent cooling system that has a on-board processor that controls the speed of the fan proportional to the equipment temperature. Their studies show that for ever 10F degrees rise over 85F degress, digital equipment life is reduced by approximately 40%. The fan system isn’t particularly cheap, the UQFP-4DRA (pictured) runs about $500 MSRP. You will need 2U’s of rack space to fit the fan panel and it’s available in black or silver brushed and anodized finish. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but consider the cost of your equipment, then it makes it look inexpensive.