CES-2006-HOME-RUN-promo.jpgI look forward to CES every year, not for all the new flat panel displays it brings us, but all the little gadgets that makes installing or retrofitting all the new products into our homes. One product in particular that caught my attention so far is made by Winegard, makers of my favorite HDTV antenna, the Squareshooter SS-2000. The product is called HOME RUN and what it does is stack up to three signals onto a single RG-6 cable. Great for older homes that have limited wiring.

Because TV and Ethernet use signals at different frequencies, they can be combined and transmitted on the same cable using the new Multilet system. This combining High Speed Internet, local VHF/UHF TV broadcasts and Satellite TV (DBS) programming, even the HDTV antenna onto a single existing coaxial cable run. This is also great for multi-dwelling unit installers.

I don’t have any pricing yet, but if you are at CES, the Winegard HOME RUN products will be on display, live, in booth #26135 in the South Hall.