Here’s another preview of my UI software. Things are progressing… my battle right now is, do I support older than 2.16 firmware? Firmware 2.16 adds Omni-Link II which is better, but I don’t want to leave the folks with 2.15 and earlier out (of course they could upgrade their firmware). I support both, but the logic required gets tricky — I’m worried about future updates and how I’ll need to support legacy if I decide to support older firmwares now. What do you guys think?

Performance is pretty good but anytime you add a graphical user interface CPU usage will be higher than boring native UI controls — overall I’m happy with how it’s performing. I will be optimizing some things a bit later to improve things.

I have also received great input from users and I will try to incorporate as much as I can into this product, so keep sending requests and suggestions!! My next product will offer a lot more and will service a higher-end market. All this has spawned from a need for an easy to use, cost effective, great looking interface for my home automation system (HAI based) and from the reactions so far, I think other feel the same! I hope to have an actual trial version as well as a product name soon. More to come!

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