Kaleidescape, known for their $30,000 video server, has released another unaffordable version, this time getting a little bit closer to affordability at just under $10k. The server ships with two 250gb hard drives allowing storage for about 400 CDs or 35 DVDs. However, don’t think that dropping $10k will give you support for both CDs and DVDs… uh-uh –you’ll need to drop another $2,735 for dual support. In need of more space? A fully-loaded 2.25tb server will cost you $17k.

At the end of the day, this product is still marketed towards the ultra high-end (and/or rich) user. If you want a similar setup at a much more economical price, get yourself a Windows Media Center and order the $499 (currently $399) Sony 200 Disc DVD Changer, load up your DVDs and BAM! Daisy-chaining is also possible giving you even more storage. The only issues you’ll have then is trying to find space for the changers (they’re HUGE!). You won’t have to worry about crashing hard drives or the heat issues invovled with running them constantly.

[Via TalkAbout:Cedia]