I’ve been a huge supporter of Russound, they make some of the best Multizone audio/video systems which are reliable and easy to use. The CAV 6.6 is getting a bit dated and the new E-Series definitely makes up for that. Announced at the 2007 CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO were both the ACA-E5 Multizone Controller Amplifier and KLK-E5 Click Wheel Keypad. The ACA-E5 and KLK-E5 are part of the new E-Series that is available exclusively through Russound’s growing network of Sphere Certified Integrators. This certification process makes sure that Sphere professionals stay up to date on the latest product developments… which is good for you, the customer.

Russound’s ACA-E5 is an eight-zone/twelve-source controller amplifier offering a myriad of improvements over the current flagship model, CAV6.6. Specifically, the ACA-E5 offers more distribution zones, twice as many source inputs, a built-in AM/FM tuner, a Smart Module slot for the addition of an internal source satellite or AM/FM radio tuners, support for up to two doorbells (including internal chime options), IP integration with an included webserver for expanded control, interface and programming options, and much more.

The ACA-E5 is Russound’s most powerful multizone controller amplifier to date, featuring 40 watts per channel for detailed, high-performance sonic output. All Russound RNET Smart Source components like the iBridge are compatible with the ACA-E5.

The KLK-E5 keypad is a multi-line, menudriven, advanced keypad that offers control with access to all metadata and relevant information. The KLK-E5 makes it easy to control the ACA-E5 controller amplifier with a wide selection of options, presented in an easy-to-understand design. Installation is easy as the KLK-E5 employs Russound’s “Standard Fit” doublegang box layout.

Both the ACA-E5 and the KLK-E5 will ship in Q4 2007, at $5650.00 and $599.00 MAP,