UNO-TS2_np.jpgI just got word that Russound has introduced the long awaited UNO-TS2 color touchscreen interface for their multisource/multizone systems (CAV/CAM). It features a 3.75″ high resolution display that uses their RNET platform, so you can get feedback from your CAV/CAM, ST2 Smart Tuner or SMS3 Media Server in realtime and in full color. It’s not clear yet if it will be able to display any data besides text (i.e. cover art) but for a list price of $1,200… it better.

The UNO-TS2 is available in five designer colors: white, bone, almond, black and brown and fits in the standard double gang box (same size the UNO-S2 fits in).

SIDE NOTE: Russound also released a new version of the Smart Media Server, the SNS3-250. It now features a 250GB hard drive, allowing you to store even more music, up to 4140 hours more.

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