aeq-paw120.jpgI was interviewed by a local radio station here in Seattle today to talk about blogging. A report came out today stating that 13% of Seattleites are bloggers — very impressive. It’s great being contacted by the media and all, but, the highlight of the interview was checking out what kind of gear the reporter had. I couldn’t help but interrupt my interview occasionally to check out the AEQ PAW 120 that was being used to record my voice digitally…

Here are the specs:
– Built-in speaker. Aluminum case. OLED dual-colour display
– Uses two AA dry cells or rechargeable batteries
– Appears as USB removable external device compatible with both Windows and Mac OS
– Record and edit linear PCM and MPEG compressed audio
– Support of BWF file format,allowing for easy integration with radio automation systems.
– Internal memory 1GB
– Built-in microphone, with connections for mono or stereo external microphone including phantom power.
– Mechanical switch to activate automatic gain control (AGC).
– VOR: voice activated recording.
– XLR Adaptor for external Mics

The AEQ PAW 120 felt nice and light in the hand, however, I still prefer the HHB FlashMic over the AEQ PAW 120, because you don’t need to hook any microphones up to it — it IS a microphone!