A few months ago I retired my TiVo as my primary DVR and promoted my Windows MCE 2005 box. I haven’t looked back since… I hope for the same results with demoting my iPod and going with the Pioneer XM2GO unit as my primary audio entertainment platform. Besides being able to record up to five hours of XM material on its solid-state flash memory, I don’t have to play program manager everytime I want to listen to something — I don’t have time for that. The iPod was nice when it first came out because I could put my whole music collection on it and carry it around with me. However, I packed my iPod with so much music that it takes a lot of work to pick songs I want to hear that day. That’s why I really love my XM radio at work and today, I made my latest XM radio purchase… the Pioneer Airware XM2GO unit. This little unit will allow me to be entertained anywhere I go… I’m going pure XM radio baby! I’ll post a full review of the unit when I get the unit in my hands and had a few days to mess around with it.

UPDATE: Please don’t email me stating that the iPod offers things like podcasting… I know what the iPod offers and I think podcasting is garbage.

Pioneer Airware XM2Go