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Dub-Box-USA: The Airstream Alternative

Automobiles, Offbeat
March 21, 2014 No Comments


I was flipping through this month’s issue of Men’s Journal and saw what looked like a VW “Kombi” bus but it wasn’t a VW — it was a trailer that looked like one.  Well, it’s exactly that, a camper trailer inspired by the design of VW’s bus.  Made by Dub-Box-USA located in Portland, Oregon, the body is made from fiberglass with a towing length of about 16′ (body length is 12′).   This camper is equipped with a double bed, sink and Faucet with additional options like refrigerator, stove and outdoor shower.  This trailer will make any camp site a lot more fun.   Made to order, starting at $19,500.



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Garmin ecoRoute HD bluetooth wireless dongle

Automobiles, Cool Tools, DIY, Electronics
February 15, 2010 2 Comments

The Garmin ecoRoute HD is a bluetooth wireless dongle which plugs into your vehicles ODB port allowing you to monitor sensors such as intake air temperature, coolant temperature, throttle position and engine load, intake manifold pressure, battery and charging system information, mass airflow rate, timing advance and emissions — you can even check and clear engine trouble codes without visiting the car dealership.

The ecoRoute works with newer Garmin Nuvi GPS units that feature ecoRoute firmware, but since this is bluetooth… A) is it hackable? B) will an iPhone App be released from Garmin to pair with the device?

At $149 (retail) the Garmin ecoRoute HD is a great feature to add to your Garmin Nuvi GPS.  It’s available for pre-order now from

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2010 Ford F-150 Raptor – Good Grill Design!?

December 23, 2009 7 Comments


I was flipping through a magazine today and saw the Ford F-150 Raptor.  I’m not much of a full-size truck guy but there’s something I’m liking about the grill design on this rig.  The FORD text and the brick layout in the grill makes this one bad-ass looking truck.  I wonder if Ford will bring this design to all the other F-150’s?  What do you guys think of this grill?  Am I’m out of whack for liking this?

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Kurt Systems: High-Tech Horse Trainer

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September 16, 2009 No Comments


I was reading the latest issue of POPULAR SCIENCE and saw this new high-tech horse training system developed by a Turkish man.  The story behind this invention is that Mehmet Kurt developed this device after his own horse died from overtraining and human error.   The solution was to build a $427,000 training machine which monitors the horses vitals while training and maximize the speed and fitness of the horse.  Pretty cool concept!


2010 Range Rover Features 12″ LCD Instrument Cluster

May 12, 2009 22 Comments

2010 Range Rover

2010 Range Rover Cluster

The 2010 Range Rover will feature a 12″ TFT LCD instrument cluster which has traditionally been analog dials — I think this is really, really, really cool!  You can see in the above photo how this display will look. Using a LCD screen Land Rover can change the display based on the type of mode the car is in as well as offer a menuing system — this would have been a sweet project to been a part of!   Being a Land Rover enthusiast myself, I love how they kept with the look and feel of the current analog dials.  I can’t wait to see this technology in all cars. 

The new display technology used by the 2010 Range Rover is a major advance. It gives us tremendous flexibility in presenting information, so that the driver gets precisely the data they require, in all driving conditions,” explains Nick Rogers, Chief Engineer, New Vehicle Architecture.

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Jensen NVX3000PC — 7″ Windows XP Personal Computer

Automobiles, Home Automation
December 23, 2007 4 Comments

If you have been trying to find an in-car PC with touchscreen capabilities you might want to check out the Jensen NVX3000PC. It's a 7" 800x400 resolution widescreen Windows XP Personal Computer with built in portable navigation and Wi-Fi. Designed for use on the road the NVX3000PC features full Windows XP OS with 256 MB ram, a 30gb hard drive, and a 1GHz Via processor. This unit includes everything you need to mount in your car (windshield mount), remote control and a AC and DC adaptor -- though, I would expect people getting this to build it into the dash of their car for a more custom look. The NVX3000PC retails for $1499.95 and is available now.

CNET Video Review -- Jensen NVX3000PC