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Anyone Know Who Makes This Stool?

Art, Offbeat
July 7, 2007 8 Comments

I have been looking for counter stools for our kitchen and haven't been able to find ones that I like -- my wife and I are very picky. I have a design that I may go with, however, while I was watching the Live Earth Concert on the Bravo channel I caught the end of the American Express Card Member Project commercial. I think that stool at the end of the commerical might be the one for us... not 100% sure about the wood top, but I'd love to know who makes it. So, if you have seen this stool before and know who makes it or where to buy them please post a comment... Thanks!

The Next Half-Million Dollar Idea —

December 30, 2005 4 Comments
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So by now you must have heard about the latest internet craze, invented by Alex Tew, a 21 year old English lad. It's called The Million Dollar Homepage. The idea is quite simple... he wanted to make $1,000,000 by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each. The main motivation for him doing this was to pay for his degree studies -- yeah right. However, it seems to be working and has been in the press, both here in the US and in England and his goal of $1,000,000 is almost reached -- he's up to $967,600, $32,400 shy of a million. So, a friend of mine I had this idea (quite stupid actually)... why not keep the craze going? I personally think this is pipe dream, but who knows... I do like how the page looks when populated with all the colorful ads... reminds me of some modern art -- no two are alike. We might see these pages someday on a wall in the MOMA. So here is the shameless plug for the new copycat site...

Point your browser to and buy yourself some pixels. Who knows, maybe Mega Pixels For Sale site might be the next Million Dollar Homepage and you'll get crazy amounts of traffic to your site... or not.

BioRing — Made From Your Bone

September 27, 2005 No Comments

Eyeball Jewelry is soooo 2004, this years trend is biojewelry. The process seems quite simple (the complete process) -- that is, once you get the bone chips from your jaw. The people behind this Biojewellery craze are Tobie Kerridge and Nikki Stott, design researchers at the Royal College of Art, and Ian Thompson, a bioengineer at Kings College London. If this is something you are interested in doing, check out their website ( and send them an email with subject: I want to donate my cells.

The 100 Billionth BIC Ballpoint Pen

August 30, 2005 8 Comments
Danny: Sorry for the none original content, I ran across this off the wire service and thought it had some interesting facts about the plastic BIC pen we all have converted into a spitwad launcher at somepoint in our life.

PRNewswire --What would cover 40 times the distance from Earth to the moon, lined up end to end? What has been sold throughout the world since 1950, at a rate of 57 per second?
You've heard of BIC and are doubtless aware that the trademark has featured prominently in schoolbags and handbags, on desktops and coffee tables, for more than 50 years.

You've also noticed, in your travels throughout the world, that BIC is synonymous with quality at an affordable price in the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and all over the world.

You know all this and more ... But did you know that BIC has just passed the 100-billion mark? That's 100 billion ballpoint pens sold over the years by the renowned stationery company!

From the classic BIC Cristal introduced more than 50 years ago to the most recent gel ink pens, BIC has successfully expanded its range while remaining loyal to its core philosophy: offering high-quality, affordable products to all ... for the enjoyment of trendy teens, hard-working businesspeople, and devoted grandparents around the world!

DRY SODA CO. == Amazingly Good Drinks.

July 22, 2005 6 Comments

UPDATE: Just an availability update -- DRY will be in the wine departments of your local QFC as well as Larry's Markets in the coming weeks.

I don't know much about this company or where you can get the bottles, but what I do know is that these drinks are really refreshing. I went to a grand opening party last night where they had all the flavors available. We're talking flavors you never have seen in Soda form... KUMQUAT, LAVENDER, LEMONGRASS and RHUBARB. I didn't want to look like a dehydrated freak, so I only tried the LEMONGRASS flavor. I'm not really a flavored tonic water lover (like Talking Rain), and it should not be confused with that stuff either... this is much more sophisticated. More like exotic flavored and lightly sweetend S. Pellegrino. I think DRY just created another type of drink category and it's actually amazingly good. It's refreshing to see a drink that has flavor and sweetness with out all the chemicals. "DRY is all-natural, non-caffeinated, flavored with fruit and herb extracts and sweetened with a small amount of pure cane sugar". I think it should be a hit amoung the ladies that monitor their caloric intake since the drinks only contain 50-70 calories in each serving. Now I just need to find out how I can get a case (or five) and make it my summer drink of choice!

UPDATE: Just got of the phone with Sharelle Klaus, of DRY SODA CO., which, coincidently, are located in Tacoma, WA. about 45 mins south of Seattle. The product line just launched last week and are only available in select fine restaurants here in Seattle. I recommend you go to your local fine grocer and ask them to stock this drink, today!


Super Pringles

November 10, 2004 6 Comments

You can scratch that off your list of, "Things To Invent"... Pringles Prints are made using a proprietary technology where words and images can be printed on one side of the crisp right side up, upside down, in blue or red. This technology is the first-of-its kind in the U.S. to be used on food. The technology uses food coloring and doesn't alter the delicious taste of this popular snack. For now, Pringles Prints will be available in Original flavor only in canister and Snack Stacks sizes.

These aren't for the super rich either, Pringles Prints in Canisters and Snack Stacks have a suggested retail price equivalent to other Pringles products of similar size and in the future, Pringles Prints introductions will feature new printing colors, designs, images and innovative partnerships. Oh, boy... I can't wait... riiight.