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Repair of The Energy Detective TED 5000 Whole House Power Monitor

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June 7, 2016 No Comments

My TED 5000 (more about the product here and here) whole house power monitor by The Energy Detective that I’ve been using for years stopped working properly. The date/time would no longer keep after a power outage causing the logging of the data to get all messed up. I thought I’d try to repair it — this is my first on camera repair video.

Come along with me and see if I am successful with my repair…

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Tantalum vs Ceramic Capacitors.

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May 17, 2013 No Comments


I’ve had to make the hard decision as to what type of capacitors to use in a power supply I’ve been designing.  I need a 5.0v, 3.3v, 1.9v and 1.2v rails powered by a 12v adaptor.  The 5.0v and 3.3v rails use a DC/DC switching regulator while the 1.9v and 1.2v use a LDO regulator feed from the 3.3v rail.   Both require bypass/filtering capacitors and I’ve traditionally used 10uF 16V 20% Tantalums — for some reason the “Case B” end up being cheaper than the 2010 sized equivalent of the X7R MLCC (ceramic).

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Pioneer DVJ-1000 Turntables & SVM-1000 Mixer

May 30, 2009 No Comments


I’ve been known to DJ, more of a Wedding Singer DJ than Club DJ, however, when I saw Pioneer’s new DVJ gear (Digital Video Jockey?) I was throughly impressed.  This $14k system ($3k for each DVJ-1000 “turntable” and $8k for the SVM-1000 Mixer) allows you to mix DVD content, even Live Camera feeds in real-time.   Just when I thought iPod killed  DJ’s, this system totally changes the game!  The mixer supports up to 4 av channels and the touchscreen gives you the instant power to manipulate, effect, move the video/audio. 

Kevin Pereira from Attack of The Show talked to DJ Davey Dave from Pioneer Electronics to show them how to mix and manipulate video, sound and music… you’ll get this once you see the video of the system in action!

Read more: “Pioneer DVJ-1000 Turntables & SVM-1000 Mixer Review –”

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