I’ve always found it weird that Motorola, the maker of cellphones, set-top boxes, processors, radios, DSP, and almost everything else under the sun, has never built something using all their technologies for the home theater. The newly announced DCP601 does exactly this! It’s not only a sophisticated 100 watts per channel, 6.1 channel A/V processor, it’s a digital-cable-ready receiver with a HDTV tuner that supports 18 ATSC off-air video formats. The DSP601 houses a progressive-scan DVD video/audio player that also supports MP3, WMA, and JPEG formats. All this is outputed to your display via DVI out (with HDCP) so it can easily be connected to your display. With all these features, you’d expect the unit to cost well over $4000… nope… they are listing the MSRP for only $1200… Hello Moto!