I was snooping around on Pioneer Electronics Broadband website and found out that they have a High Definition DVR, it’s called the Voyager 4000 HD-DVR. I’m surprised I didn’t hear about this device earlier… I think this website is aimed at cable providers and not the end user. The reason why I think this is because the website says things like this, “Your customers can watch their favorite cable programming in eye-popping, high-definition color and clarity— sports, special events, movies, favorite series—whatever they want, when they want it! The Voyager 4000 HD-DVR’s dual-channel reception capabilities (analog/digital), dual MPEG decoders and hard disk drive provide seamless content storage with DVD-like controls for time-shift capabilities, enabling viewers to store hours of their favorite entertainment directly on the set-top.”

Maybe we’ll see a standalone version soon, or one integrated into their HD Plasmas… until then, I guess we’ll just have to wait.

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