It was bound to happen, Sony Connect Inc. formally announced the domestic launch of its new Connect online music store, offering an easy-to-use, affordable and legal way of purchasing music online for download to a wide variety of Sony portable electronic devices. has licensed more than 500,000 tracks from all major and many independent music labels, as well as exclusive content from such artists as Avril Lavigne, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Snow Patrol, and Toby Lightman. The store will not employ a subscription model; rather, it will offer content ala carte-style, with singles starting at 99 cents, and entire albums starting at $9.99. Users may play the Connect downloads an unlimited number of times on up to three personal computers that are registered with the Connect store, including the personal computer on which the Connect Downloads are originally downloaded. In general, users may then transfer the licensed Connect Downloads an unlimited number of times onto portable music devices and media that are compatible with the store. In addition, users may “burn” up to ten CDs (five in ATRAC format and five in Redbook format). Connect users can define their own genre home page to customize their shopping experience, and Connect is the only store with album pages for every artist.