<% rating = 2 %>It seems like Napster is trying everything to get people to use their service again… uh, why not just offer free music? That’s what they are kind of doing… they have announced a new promotional campaign that will put a free MP3 player in the hands of every new annual Napster subscriber. Available from Napster.com, while supplies last, this promotions gives consumers the opportunity to purchase a one-year Napster service subscription for $119.40 and receive a Rio Chiba Sport portable music device which has a suggested retail of $129.99… so it is kind of like free music — depending on how you look at it. They are also offering an upgrade to the Rio Nitrus if you pay $80 more. The Nitrus has 1.5 GB memory, can store up to 50 hours of music and offers up to 16 hours of continuous playback with the rechargeable Li-on battery.