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I’m in the process of building a house and have realized that every little detail counts. When you design or build something, it’s a reflection of you. Just the other day, I asked my girlfriend (which is an interior designer) if she liked a particular light fixture, her response was, “that is expected”. So from now on, when I find something I think I like, I always ask myself, “Is this expected?”. Ok, now what does all this have to do with this entry? Well, I just found a company called LEXON Design Concepts. Their products got me thinking… why are the designs of electronics so expected? Matali Crasset, is the designer of the Soundsation (pictured). Here is a quote about the design of her product, “Make sound a pleasure. Sound is first, a loudspeaker like an open mouth, and the technical parts being a simple digital display : an electronic direct access.” That is right on… I would consider the iPOD a great example of this thinking. The simple controls, they didn’t try to make it do things because they could. The LA 44 Soundsation is a FM digital clock-radio with 5 station memory, very simple. But instead of it being in a traditional black box with paper wood grain sides, it looks like a modern twist to an old school PA horn. Designs like this makes the world a more interesting place… for more cool and “unexpected” designs, check out the LEXON Design Concepts, it’s a bit hard to navigate, but worth it.

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