Over the last 10 years, we haven’t seen any huge design changes in the home receptacle business (that’s electrical outlets and switches for the non-technical). We have the classic duplex style, the more stylish Decora (which is the most popular in home controls), and I’d even say Lutron’s designer Maestro dimmers are still closely based on Decora’s design cues. So, I was a bit shocked to see a totally new design from Leviton. It’s called the Acenti Collection. They are taking advantage of the new blue LED fad for dimming indicators and have even changed the outlet as we know it… they are the first to introduce the triplex receptacle. That’s right, they managed to fit another outlet in the normal single gang space. Very cool!

The pricing on these outlets and switches are a bit high, heck they are not even “smart”, meaning, they don’t and can’t interface with your home automation system. But, if you are tired of the same ol’ wall switch or are always in need of a third outlet… this Acenti Collection may be your answer!

Acenti 15-Amp Triplex Receptacle-Alabaster
Leviton Acenti Demo Website