If you haven’t heard of One & Co before, you’ve probably seen or owned some of the products they designed. One & Co is an industrial design studio which helps companies combine business & creativity, art & science, intelligence & beauty. They helped design products for K2, Nike, Palm, Timex, Dell and now they are tackling a challenge for Microsoft. Turn a Media Center PC into a design that will get even Apple Fanatics salivating.

One & Co has developed a Media Center PC that defines a new paradigm for computer hardware in the home. The design is optimized for both two foot experience (i.e. loading media or connecting peripherals) and ten foot experience (i.e. watching TV, gaming, or reviewing music and image libraries). Taking cues from the living room environment, the product resembles an end table more than a conventional PC. The stylish design makes a lifestyle statement with wood and metal finishes that achieves One & Co’s ultimate goal: to reconcile the system’s functional demands with a sensibility that is geared to the final product’s aesthetic appeal.

No mention when, or if, this will be released and what the cost would be… figures.