<% rating = 3 %>That’s right, if you can’t bring the Media Center into the living room, then just buy a plasma display with it built in. That’s what Vivadi, a start-up company based in Swindon UK, has done… they designed and developed a fully integrated 46″ Plasma TV that includes a Media Center PC with DVD recorder, PVR and music server, together with a powerful Dolby surround sound system, producing what they say is the “world’s first fully integrated, convergence home cinema TV”. They also claim that the system can be upgraded and “future-proof”… Isn’t everything “future-proof”? I mean, you shell out more money to “upgrade”, which sometimes it’s cheaper to just replace the whole thing. Anyways, the Media Center Plasma will be in the shops around September. That is high-end shops in the UK.. so us here in the US will just have to wait.