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I guess I’m not the only one that thinks Windows Media Center 2005 is worthy of replacing your old TiVo. Samsung is hoping you do to! I think Samsung is the first consumer electronics company (besides Sony, since they make computers) that is entering the Windows Media Center market. Now don’t get too excited yet, I don’t think the DM-T40/H300 has made it here in the states yet since I only see mention of it on their Korean product site. I bet when it does come, the pricing will be close to the HP z545.

It’s funny, I get into crossfire like debates with my co-workers because they don’t think people will ever want to plug a computer into their televisions. The hang-up is the form factor of the device. They have this weird idea that a box has to be less than 19″ wide and under 4″ tall to not be considered a computer. You see people posting about the Mac Mini and claiming it to be this uber home theater computer. Why? I’d rather have a media server in the closet and have tiny extender type devices near my displays. Not full fledged (or for this Mac Mini example, limited) computers. I don’t want to have to sync or maintain a bunch of machines. Microsoft has the right idea. Build one powerful machine, connect it to the network, then access the data with an inexpensive extender unit. If you want to add more space… Bam! Just add it to the server. If I ruled the world… it would be simpler than that… I would build displays that I could stream video to via IP. The display would have an IP, a gigE port and the appropriate video codecs… upgradable of course).

Anyways, I guess now there is no excuse now. This Media Center PC will fit in your equipment rack nicely and it sports a badge that isn’t commonly associated with computers but with comsumer electronics. Good work Samsung! I hope you have a huge success with this product.

[ via Matt Goyers Blog ]

ZAIGEN – Samsung Korea
Ubergizmo: Samsung’s Media Center Edition 2005.