(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 220mm 240mm quadcopter)

I’ve been looking at different frames for the quad I’m building.  The proven 220mm “H-Quad” style frame by Blackout (known as the Blackout Mini H Quad Frame w/ Power Distribution Board) is highly respected and top on my list.   However, many of those have already been built and you can find many awesome videos on YouTube showing it’s capabilities.   Steve sent me a forum post at RCGroups.com about a new 240mm folding mini H quad frame by Bay Area Heli called the Nemesis 240mm Mini folding FPV Quad.   It comes in either G10 and Carbon Fiber material.


I contacted the gent that makes them and he said the Nemesis just went on pre-order and will be shipping early June (2014).  So I selected a custom mix of G10 and Carbon Fiber parts based on his suggestion (Forum post#174).   Going with mixed matched nemesis carbon for dirty section and arm and  G10 for the clean section, bulkhead and camera mount helps keep the range farther as Carbon Fiber is known to attenuate RF signals (control and video) so keeping carbon fiber parts where you need the strength is a good compromise.  Hence from this point forward it will be known as the 240mm mini quad instead of the 220mm which is the size of the Blackout Mini-H frame.

That said, the real innovative aspect of this frame is that it folds in which makes it really portable and is easy to pack!  Looks pretty cool…


I will be posting videos and photos in a future post once all the parts arrive and start putting all the pieces together so stay tuned…

Standard Frame Specs:

  • Vibration free separated Clean and Dirty sections for smooth video recording
  • Instantly fully inward fold-able quad for easy pack and go and crash protection
  • Lightweight frame design but still able to take hard hits
  • Unique custom folding and extending arm mechanism allows both 5″ and 6″ props
  • Multiple flight configurations including alignments guides for H in 5″, X in 5″, X in 6″
  • Unique ability to dirty or clean mount your flight controller (supports 45mm and below FCs)
  • 2 Stage Bobbin travel limiter
  • Built in Mobius/GoPro1-3+ mounts integrated into frame and accessories
  • Dedicated Board Camera and rear bulkhead plates
  • Multiple SMA jack mounts including a unique rear bulkhead mount
  • Extended lower front spoiler on dirty section for frontal crash impact absorption
  • Intelligent Electronics management: tons of options for mounting electronics including Buzzers, Strobes, leds, voltage readers, OSD, access Mobius buttons when mounted inside frame, etc
  • Clean wiring, all ESCs mount inside center frame as well as flight controller
  • Battery can be top mounted or mounted inside the clean section
  • Available add ons: stacking accessory plates allowing clean mounted 36mm flight controllers and electronics, extension plate which can be mounted in 3 locations, custom anodized hardware and more to come.
  • Integrated mounting points (2 locations) for Landing Gear/Standoffs

Weight: 130g
Total Weight So Far: 291.2g

Part Cost: $145.90
Total Spent So Far: $341.09

The frame is available from www.rsquared-innovations.com.

Forum on the frame at RCGroups.com.

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