HAI32A00-5.jpgI heard about this a while back from my HAI Distributor, but didn’t want to post anything until I was sure it was going to be released. It’s being released and the HAI OmniTouch with Video (HAI32A00-5) is finally on it’s way to distributors — ready for shipment by the end of the year. The HAI OmniTouch with Video is the same form factor as the original OmniTouch, but adds video support. This will be a great way to monitor security cameras without the need of an additional monitor. The OmniTouch with Video is wired up using Cat5 cable, which carries the power, controller data, and video signal from the encoder board. HAI32A30-2.gif Up to 6 cameras can be connected to the hub/video encoder (HAI32A30-2). This unit takes the NTSC video signal and encodes it into a digital stream which is then sent to the OmniTouch. I don’t have solid retail pricing yet, but I expect the whole package (HAI32A00-5 and HAI32A30-2) to be under $2000.