Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) is finally shipping the new OmniTouch labeled as the OmniTouch 5.7. For those of you unfamiliar to OmniTouch, it allows you to control lights and small appliances, security and temperature settings, pool and spa temperatures, ventilation, decorative lighting, Whole Home Audio Systems, surveillance video, and other items linked to an HAI Home Control system. In addition it features a larger 5.7 inch LCD display using TFT technology for rich colors and improved viewing angles. It displays video full screen (Touchscreen Hub and Encoder necessary for video), has a speaker instead of a beeper, and has a built-in USB drive connector to allow easy firmware updates.

The OmniTouch 5.7 (HAI part number 53A00-1) is compatible with all HAI controllers, including the Omni LT, Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina and Lumina Pro. It comes in White, with color change kits available in Almond, Light Almond, Black, Ivory, and Silver. Contact your HAI dealer for pricing and to place an order.