HAI announced a whole bunch of new touchscreen controllers for 2008. First, The OmniTouch 8 which features an 8.4″ wall mountable touchscreen. The OmniTouch 8 allows for customized updates of traffic, weather, and stock information, among other items. It also can download music from Internet music servers, and select and play music from home music servers such as iPods and other items on the network.

The unit requires Cat 5 and 110V electrical power. It’s also compatible with most IP cameras.

The OmniTouch 8 is a fanless and diskless panel for quiet and reliable operation running Windows Embedded XP and includes Internet Explorer and HAI’s
Snap-Link software pre-loaded. It will be compatible with all HAI controllers, except the Omni LT.

HAI is also releasing two portable touchscreen units labeled the OmniTouch Portable 8 & OmniTouch Portable 10. The 8 features a 8.4″ touchscreen LCD while the 10 features a 10″ touchscreen LCD.

No pricing announced, but expect them to be in the $1500-$3000 range, I’d be very impressed and ecstatic to see them priced any lower. The units should ship 2nd quarter of 2008.