HAI announced they will be releasing updated versions of their smart thermostats this March. A few interesting upgrades/features include:

– Using advanced digital technology, your Omnistat2 “learns” your home’s heating
and cooling patterns and adjusts control to maximize both your HVAC’s efficiency
and your family’s comfort.

– The backlight comes to life as the Omnistat2 is approached, making it easy to adjust at night.

– To adjust the temperature, simply turn the scroll wheel to the right or left.

– Three buttons facilitate easy to navigate menus to display information such as
temperature setpoints, modes, outdoor temperature and humidity, run time by
week, and more!

– You may select the custom backlight color. You may change the backlighting from Blue to Red or any color in between with the turn of the scroll wheel.

The Omnistat2 models include the ability to communicate with your utility company for load shedding applications, and the ability to view real-time current energy bills, graphical displays of energy cost per week, and current energy cost. Similar features like the standalone TED by Energy Inc., however, the HAI requires your utility company to use smart metering systems.

The unit will retail for$338 and should be available shortly after the EHX show in Orlando. For more information on the unit check out this PDF.

[Thanks Robert!]