The PentaRef by provides 5 different DC reference voltages and is an excellent tool for checking the accuracy of your DMM.


Each unit can be customized with your own specified voltages at the time of ordering (to the nearest 500uV) anywhere between 0.10V and 10.0V.  The DC voltages are cycled through by pressing the pushbutton next to the LED’s shown in the picture, above.  The output DC voltage is guaranteed at the time of shipping to be within 250uV of your specified voltage.  The actual voltage, to the nearest 100uV, will be hand written on the board as read by VoltageStandards reference calibrated 8.5 digit, Agilent 3458A DMM.

The PentaRef retails for $68.00.  As an added bonus, for the first two years after purchase, the PentaRef recalibration is free.

Below is a video demonstrating how the PentaRef is used with an Agilent 34461A 6.5 Digit Multimeter:

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