My buddy Steve over at Finkbuilt just posted a new video on his YouTube channel he shot from his 250 sized Quadcopter and it’s spectacular!  Steve took this video at Gas Works Park on a nice sunny Seattle day capturing the experience in HD.   He gets around a 6 minute flight time from the copter he custom built.  I’m hooked — Steve, I want one!! (update: starting to build one myself)

The specs of the Quadcopter:

– 250 size quadcopter
– AUW weight including 1300mah 3s 30c battery and 808 camera is 459 grams.
– RCX 1804
– 5×3 CF props
– 10 amp RCX G escs (simon)
– 5.8 TS351 VTX
– PZ0420 WDR pilot camera
– 808 #16 lens D HD cam
– homemade cloverleaf antenna
– frsky d4r-ii in CPPM
– telemetry batt sensor (couldnt get Naze telemetry out working).
– Naze32 acro FC

Photos of the Quadcopter:

finkbuilt-copter finkbuilt-copter-2



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