IMGOdyssee_e.jpgWOW! I got a chance to demo the most amazing home theater enhancement since 5.1 surround sound. It’s called the Odyssee by D-BOX.

Simply amazing… here’s a quote from their website, “By lifting your seating and occupants on a four-point suspension, in perfect synchronization with the onscreen action and sound, Odyssee creates a virtual reality experience in your living room or home theater. You’re drawn into the action as never before as you experience the same motional forces as the actors and players you’re watching. The emotional effects and spine-tingling excitement created by Odyssee are breathtaking, exhilirating and just plain fun!”

The system adds a tactile experience like no other, because this uses acuators that travel 1″ at 2 G’s you actually feel like you are part of the movie. Be sure to read up on this company and technology… and if your budget allows, definately drop the $23k on the full system.