solidDrive.jpgStuff like this always amaze me, someone actually spent years trying to figure out how they could turn almost any surface into a speaker. Why? Probably because the guys wife didn’t like the speakers in their family room. Well, it’s done… we have it… Now for the first time you can design your space the way you desire, without any visible speakers. Whole-home audio can now be achieved without even in-wall speaker grills. How? With Induction Dynamics’ patented S4X Driver-Control Technology, it expands and contracts in a magnetized environment up to 20,000 times per second. This allows the SolidDrive to convert an audio signal into a powerful vibration that can be transferred into a solid material delivering sound from the entire surface. This technology was invented by the U.S. Navy twenty years ago, Terfenol-D was created to power the next generation of high-powered sonar equipment but recent declassification of Terfenol-D brings its possibilities out of the water and into the audio world. Each 1.43 lbs, 2″ x 2″ driver can handle up to 100 watts, and has frequency response from 150 Hz. – 5,000 Hz. I haven’t had a chance to audition a set, but I called the company and there are a few places here in Seattle that have them… so I know what I’m going to do this weekend! Retail price for a pair is $495, not terrible considering the conversations these speakers can stir up at your next house party.