What’s 4″ round, comes in an assortment of colors and can handle a 100 watts of distortion free audio? Give up? Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Nucleus Mirco orb speakers. I was given the task to find the the smallest, best sounding speakers for my brother-in-law… after a couple weeks of searching, I found these little guys. My first recommendation was the engineered sounds of BOSE, he bought the system, and he didn’t care for it’s sound (don’t blame him), BOSE is good for people that want big sound in a little box and don’t want to deal with anything else. The Nucleus Micro’s are all about great sound and good looks. Their patented S2 technology, enhances low frequencies that go way beyond conventional satellite speakers. By using 3″ full-range driver and by eliminating the crossover, the Nucleus Micro sounds like a full size loudspeaker. These aren’t the cheapest speakers around, but well worth a listen. They’ll set you back about $150 to $200 each orb.