I’m always on the look out for a great sounding compact speaker primarily because that is probably the most common question I’m asked.   It’s also very hard to find a compact speaker that sounds as full as a big speaker —  but great news, I think I’ve found a contender!

I’ve been using/auditioning the AudioEngine A2 with Myro:Air and the combo sounds very very nice!   The AudioEngine A2 speakers really utilize the audio quality of the onboard Wolfson DAC from Myro:Air.  It also sounds nice with your iPhone or iPod plugged into the 1/8″ or RCA inputs on the back of the speaker.  The sound from the speakers are big, full and very crisp.  I’m in shock and awe that such small speakers can create such great sound.   I also like the look of these speakers to boot — they come in satin black or high-gloss white.    And the best part — they only cost $199 for the pair.



– AMAZON: AudioEngine A2 $199


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