<% rating = 2 %>At $12.99 (MSRP) a disc, this new dual layer technology isn’t hottest thing to hit the market, but since Memorex is going to be producing DL DVD-R, hopefully we will see the prices of these discs hit the $1 range with in six months. Dual layer discs allow us to record four hours of DVD-quality video in standard play mode (SP) or up to 16 hours of VHS-quality video in extended play mode (EP)… in computer bits, that a total of about 9GB. The Memorex double layer DVD+R discs will record at 2.4x speed and require a double layer burner for recording (which Memorex will also be releasing the same time as these discs). Each Memorex Double Layer disc is packaged in a “movie box” case, just like pre-recorded DVD movies. The discs and Memorex’s Double Layer DVD Recorder are scheduled to ship to retailers at the end of July.