<% rating = 2 %>JupiterResearch announced that, according to its recently released report, “DVD Recorders: Assuming the Functionality of the VCR,” consumers do not fully understand the benefits of the standalone DVD recorder and this will lead to continued slow sales.

Based on a JupiterResearch consumer survey, 6% of online consumers currently own a standalone DVD recorder with 7% planning to buy a DVD recorder over the next year. Despite low consumer interest, new standalone DVD recording devices are coming to market at a rapid pace. Device manufacturers stand to lose market opportunities if consumer awareness of the benefits of DVD recorders is not addressed.

“Consumers don’t see the value in DVD recorders relative to the features they deliver over analog devices like VCRs, such as a built-in hard drive. If device manufacturers don’t begin to educate the mainstream market, we will see adoption rates continue to be slow,” said Michael Gartenberg, Vice President and Research Director, JupiterResearch. “Consumers indicate that they want only the similar functionality they have in a VCR: to record straight to disc and to re-record on that disc, leading to lack of interest in DVD burners with their more sophisticated and less understood features and higher prices,” continued Gartenberg. [via HiddenWires]

P.S. I’m not really surprised at the research results… I don’t find a compelling enough reason to burn movies or other things to DVD. I’d rather buy the video on DVD or store it on my hard drive. The only time I find burning a DVD useful is if I shoot a home video and what to share it with others.