Feels like I’ve become a Windows Media Center only blog lately. Heck, Microsoft seems to be the only company releasing cool shit right now. $200 HD DVD usb drive, Vista Ultimate, Extender, Cablecard support, MCML, WPF/E, Zune and now, while catching up on my blogroll, I read that our friends over at Engadget have information about a new Vista Media Center remote made by Ricavision. It features integrated SideShow technology via a built-in 2.5-inch QVGA LCD. Engadget also reports that this remote will be priced about $200 — which I think is a perfect price point if true. It’s on my list of devices to check out when I’m at CES this January.

So Apple announced iTV a few months back. How are they going to top all Vista MCE’s capabilities in their 1.0 release? I’d love to hear from all you Apple fanatics (specifically you, Mike D).