So Apple finally shipped the iTV and now Russound will be shipping the iBridge Bay very soon. The iBridge Bay is Russounds solution to playing iTunes media from a Mac desktop or MacBook computer through their RNET multiroom system (CAV, CAM). It provides access to your music, playlists and podcasts in any zone, and allows you to view movies, photos and DVDs in any zone equipped with a video display.

“When combined with a Mac mini computer, the two devices become a cost-effective iTunes media server for the RNET system. From UNO-S2 keypads, you can access and navigate iTunes playlists. From UNO-TS2 touchscreens, you can access playlists, or search media by artist, album, genre, or title. Using an SRC2 remote in an RNET zone equipped with a video display, you can access the Apple Front Row interface and search through music, videos, photos or DVDs stored on the computer.”

The iBridge is specifically designed for the Mac mini as it fits under the mini, the iBridge Bay will work with any Mac computer based on an Intel Core Duo processor running OS X v10.4 or higher.

The iBridge Bay is available in the BGK2 kit, which includes an RNET A/V Decoder for connection to the multiroom system, patch cables, and a power supply. Pricing for the kit is set for $599.