So I’m finally sick of the iPod and all the junk it has brought us. What made me turn against the iPod? Target! I haven’t been in one for over 5 years until a couple days ago, when my girlfriend needed to pick up a few things for her hiking trip — I decided I would tag along. While she was trying to figure out which toothpaste to purchase, I wandered over to what they call the “Electronics” section. I think I have become an electronics snob or I’m sick of mass produced junk and the iPod is clearly falling into this group. Target has a full section devoted to all those white plastic accessories we have all seen listed on Gizmodo and Engadget. All in trendy packaging, iTrips, cases, boombox conversion kits, adaptors, blah, blah, blah. I own two of them, but I’m now officially boycotting the iPod. Heck, they haven’t added any new useful audio features since the first release, instead they keep changing the controls and added a color screen. Where is the built-in smart crossfader? Where is the FM radio? For those of you out there just getting into the Apple iPod… you will have a few years of enjoyment before you get jaded like me… so here is yet another accessory to purchase for your almost end of life (E.O.L.) iPod.

If you keep up with speaker manufactures, you’ll know the name Monitor Audio, they are an English speaker manufacturer with a worldwide reputation for building high-end speaker systems for over 30 years. Like almost every other electronics manufacturer, they too have gotten into the iPod accessories market. What makes the i-deck a bit different is that Montor Audio has higher quality speakers, which they claim will give you sound of a full blown separates hi-fi system with stunning sound quality, guaranteed. The i-deck works with all iPods that have the 30pin dock connector and it also connects to you computer for ease of syncing and ships with an IR remote. If you are interested in the i-deck check out their website for all the details. The unit retails for $349.

i-deck website