I just got word that Ricavision is releasing another Media Center Remote Control with Windows SideShow technologies. The RICA100 will offer a new and improved Windows SideShow firmware and a more powerful Bluetooth antenna giving you control up to 300 feet away.

While I was at CES, I got to play with Ricavision’s other Sideshow Remote. My only complaint was that it was pretty big and boxy (thick). Based on the photo of the RICA100, it looks like they put the Sideshow Remote on a diet — I bet making it easier to hold and use. They even managed to add more buttons like the REC TV button for viewing recorded TV on the PC and Teletext buttons that meet European market requirements — these buttons can be redefined via software for our US market. The new scroll wheel can be used with the Sideshow feature making it easier to scroll the content up and down. On the left side of the remote is a mode selection switch that is used to toggle between SideShow mode and Media Center mode. An indicator on the top left side will light up blue when the remote is in SideShow mode.

The RICA100 looks to be a winner once it’s released in August of 2007. The unit will ship with the RC6/BT charging cradle and will be priced around $299.

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Ricavision Vista Media Center Remote with Sideshow Technology